Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Growing Pansies

Our town is having their 130th anniversary celebration the end of July. They asked everyone in town to buy signs to identify their houses. We live in such a small town that street names are not posted everywhere in town and house numbers are not posted everywhere either. We usually don't have a problem because we say we live behind the only church in town, but sometimes Fed Ex has trouble delivering to our house. I was excited to identify our house. This past spring I planted pansies in a wood barrel. This project became more expensive than I expected-barrels, dirt, and the Lambs wanted different flowers so we bought them all. I was surprised when a woman came to visit and she was surprised I was growing pansies and said she had never had luck growing them in this area. But mine have done well even in the drought we had. The Lambs received a few flowers at library storytime etc. so there are a few kinds in these barrels.

We chose to identify our parsonage as well as our family. Many visitors from all over the country will come to our small town for the celebration. This is the "new" parsonage, there is an old parsonage.
The anniversary committee wanted people to put the year they moved to our small town. We chose to put the year we were married as it was just two years before we moved here.
I'm pleased how the project turned out and I hope lots of other people in town also had the signs made. Please ignore the weeds behind the barrels-after our vacations we will have lots of clean up the yard work before all the visitors come to town!

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