Friday, June 5, 2009

Sometimes the small deeds add up to mean a lot

The night that we heard our church member died and Ram would have the funeral tomorrow, I laid in bed thinking about him. When I was pregnant with Lamb 1, he gave us a ham for Christmas and wrote the nicest note with it. He told me to take care of myself because I was growing his pastor's child in my womb and he was keeping the baby and me in his prayers.
The tri-parish had a baby shower for Lamb 1 when he was a few weeks old. This man came to the baby shower. At first I think he was a little embarrassed as he was the only man there besides Ram. Then I think he really enjoyed it-the meal they served and the fellowship with the women.
Then after Lamb 1 was a few years old, he heard that Lamb 1 liked pickles. So very often he gave us homemade pickles. Last fall his children made him give up driving at age 88. One of the last trips he made was to our house to deliver pickles to us. After that when Ram visited him he gave us more pickles.
The Lambs never became close to him like an adopted grandpa or even as close as they have become to some of our other church members. But I think this man had it right-treating the pastor's family with respect and doing what he could do for us in small ways.

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

That is one of the greatest benefits of being in the ministry--the small kindnesses that people show you. There may be problems, there may be members that annoy you, but there's always someone who shows such great love. Thank you for sharing this--it's a wonderful story! Have you shared this with his children? I bet they'd love to hear it!