Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Visiting CUW

I left Ram at Holy Hill at his retreat, and I took the Lambs over to CUW to visit for the day on June 16. The Lambs were quite wild after riding in the car to WI. They enjoyed "driving" the golf cart parked outside the entrance to CUW.

I wasn't able to convince Lamb 1 to be in the photo, but here I am in the curriculum section of the CUW library. I prepared many of these books to go on the shelf over 13 years ago. Lamb 2 and 3 cooperated for a photo. We didn't stay in the library long, because they were too noisy and too wild.

I met 2 new Loopers that I had never met before-Deidre and Fay. CUW has a grill outside and we were able to have a nice lunch and chat together. Thanks Fay for arranging this!

I probably shouldn't have walked down the bluff with my newly recovered sprained ankle, but the boys standing here like this "made" me do it. They were begging to walk down.

Lamb 1 thought it was like going to the ocean so he was afraid. I took a photo to prove that he really went all the way to the bottom. Going down the steps would have been faster, but we took the ramps because of my foot and because we had the stroller. Some women were sitting at the top and they were quite impressed that I took all 3 Lambs down to the bottom and back up.

Here the Lambs are back up at the top after our walk. I must say the bluff is beautiful now that it has been restored. Not only will it not erode, but I'm jealous of the students that get to take walks there now!

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