Sunday, July 24, 2011

Father's Day treat

Ram's parents gave Ram a "coupon" to take us out to eat for Father's Day. We had already told the Lambs that we would grill out for Father's Day instead of going out. Ram's parents wanted us to still go out even if it was after Father's Day. We have been really busy since Father's Day with swim lessons, soccer, and doing church activities. We finally decided to go out last Friday. I had hung my clothes on the line late in the day because I didn't know we were going out. It looked like rain, but my clothes weren't dry yet. I decided to leave them on the line. As we got nearer to the restaurant the sky looked worse. So we decided to go out by the lake first, before we ate. We took a few photos.
My 3 handsome Lambs

Ram and my Lambs
When we came inside the restaurant, they didn't have power. The storm had not even started yet. After we were there about 10 minutes the power came back on. Then the storm began. It took a long time to be served after their power had been out. Plus the restaurant was really busy-some that lived near came out to eat when their power was out plus it was a Friday night. The Lambs did really well considering the long wait. I regretted not getting my clothes off the line. A couple sitting near us knew us (pastor and his family), but I didn't know them. They didn't help the situation when they said they hoped my clothes didn't blow away in the storm. I think they thought I was crazy when I said I didn't care about anything on the line except for Lamb 3's cloth diapers for night. I bet they have no idea how expensive cloth diapers are! By the time we were done eating the storm was over.

As a treat for their good behavior during a long wait, we decided to let the Lambs get ice cream sundaes. The Lambs knew that ice cream was free on Sundays and were a little disappointed that we went on Friday. They just started a new program where you could buy a chef's hat and each time you wear it to this restaurant you can get free ice cream. We had planned to buy them ice cream any way so we did this deal. We plan to keep the hats in the car so we have them if we eat there again.

We had a fun evening and it was fun to celebrate Father's Day in July. My clothes were a little damp when we got home, the same as when we had left to go out to eat.

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