Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Road Trip part 2

We skipped church and left our house at 8am. For some reason Ram was busy on Sunday morning and couldn't join us on our road trip! We stopped in Sioux Falls to eat. That stop ended up taking much longer than I planned because I was the only one to help the boys and construction made it difficult to get out of town. We finally got back on the road. We were surprised at the flooding in Sioux City area-miles from the river there were sandbags around all the businesses. Thankfully I had e-mailed a Looper from the area and she gave me directions for the flooding. We made it through the flooded area easily and crossed into NE.

We arrived at 2:30pm for the 3pm Ordination. The Lambs and I quickly changed clothes and found a seat. The Lambs enjoyed watching Lamb 2's godfather get ordained and also enjoyed that Grandpa participated in the service. Lamb 1 enjoyed sitting by Grandma. A kind "grandpa" from the congregation held Lamb 3 during the last hymn so I could help Lamb 2 and Lamb 3 could see.

There was a reception with cake, mints, peanuts, and punch. Rev. Ripke's sisters were talking that they had never seen mints like that before. Those same mints are served at all the graduations, anniversary parties, etc. around here. Guess it is a Midwestern thing. We took a tour of the small school next to the church. The Lambs played on the playground for a little while but it was really hot.

My parents had brought some treats and I had some things to give to them so we moved it from car to car. Then we drove about 10 miles to the "big town" where all the family gathered at a pizza place. We visited with family as we ate. It wasn't nearly enough time but we said goodbye to everyone. We stopped for gas in that "big town" and headed home. I had to stop several times for the Lambs to have potty breaks-it was so hot they had a lot to drink!

We made it to the hotel in Sioux Falls about 10:30pm. All the Lambs were still awake. Ram had driven there earlier in the afternoon. Everyone was tired and went to sleep soon after we got to our room.

The next morning we went swimming at the hotel, took showers, and checked out. We ate lunch at a Mongolian grill-all the Lambs ate well and love that food. We did a little shopping in Sioux Falls while we had a chance. Stride Rite had dress shoes 50% off so Lamb 1 got a new pair. They also had cute rain boots for $5 a pair so Lamb 1 and 2 got new rain boots. They didn't need them but it will be good to have an extra pair when their boots get very wet or muddy.

We got take out from Cracker Barrel-2 plates for the Lambs to split. Then Lamb 1 and 3 rode with Ram and Lamb 2 rode with Ewe. Lamb 2 talked the entire ride with Ewe. At Brookings we switched, Lamb 2 and 3 rode with Ram, Lamb 1 rode with Ewe. Lamb 1 answered Ewe's questions but hardly talked at all. What a difference there is between Lamb 1 and 2! The Lambs did very well on the way home and we didn't stop often for potty breaks.

It was so good to see family even though it was only a few hours. Most family events are in IN too far for me to go to. It was nice that it was possible for me to go down to NE and see everyone. We are still catching up on sleep after our trip and the Lambs have been a little grouchy, but it was worth it to see everyone.

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