Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wedding today

The RSVP was due the beginning of June. It was my decision. I knew it was the best decision. Our summer was busy enough. Precious vacation time needed to be saved for the fall. Lamb 1 and 2 needed to take swim lessons. Ram needed to go to Doxology this summer and didn't want to be away from the churches any more than that this summer.

But when the big day came I am physically in MN today but my mind and heart is in IN today. I want to take the Lambs to a parade that I went to many years of my childhood. I want to be there for the big day for my friend of 20 years. He is one of Lamb 3's godfathers. He is one of the few people from my time in IN that has actually come to our small town and visited us in MN. I want to meet his beloved for which he waited so long. I want to see one of my bridesmaids and her one year old son. I want to see other people that I know from teaching in Fort Wayne.

It's bad enough that we live 16 hours away from my family, but even worse when tentative plans to visit "home" get changed. Even if I KNOW this is the best way, I don't like it.

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Darin Koenemann. We can't wait to see photos from today when we visit in the fall. May the Lord bless you with a long life together.


Jonathan & Kaethe said...

I found your blog from Martin Loopers and started following it a few months ago...not realizing we knew anyone in common! Darin's new wife Emily is a dear family friend. We grew up together in Michigan. My best friend, Ruth, (Hessler) Meyer was the organist at the wedding and my parents were able to attend. What a small world! (By the way, as a mom of three girls living in the city, I love your blog)

Ewe said...

Darin and I went to high school together. As he was younger than I our "group" would often get together when I was home on college breaks. Then we both taught at LCMS schools in Fort Wayne. He remained one of my good friends mainly because we had so much in common. Many of our friends left LCMS but we both stayed in strong conservative LCMS churches. One of the reasons why I mentioned Darin's name was that he knows EVERYONE in LCMS. I forgot that Emily would know people too! I wanted my parents to attend, but they weren't able to. I'm so happy for Darin and Emily-they waited so long to find the right one.