Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I am from...

I am from 11 houses, 9 towns, and a 6 Midwestern states in the great country of the United States of America. I am from strong Hoosier roots with an IN address for most of my life even if IN is not on my birth certificate. I am from moving is an adventure. I am from Sechler pickles and Seyfert potato chips.

I am from long LCMS roots on both sides of the family. I am from “A Mighty Fortress is our God”, “Lord Keep us Steadfast in your Word”, “I am Jesus Little Lamb”, and “Now the Light has Gone Away” (in German).  I am from the Holy Spirit granted me faith at the baptismal font when I was a few weeks old; confirmation; weddings in the church; and anniversary parties and funerals for most of our loved ones at the same church. I am from Sunday School and church at the service with Holy Communion each Sunday. I am from Sunday School Christmas programs and huge VBS each year. I am from my Grandpas’ church even though I never met either of them.  I am from pastors of one grandfather and my dad. I am from being saved by Jesus’ death and resurrection.

I am from frugal and long lived, Grandma Frieda, Aunt Pauline, Grandma M., Aunt Lena, Aunt Agnes, Aunt Alice, Uncle Al, and Uncle Walt. I am from parents married for over 40 years. I am from one younger sister.

I am from the green house with trim that has been painted and changed a few times as the house that I lived in the longest and welcomed me home for a few years after college and still welcomes me home when I visit today. I am from my Grandma Frieda’s beloved house that I lived in for a short year but many weeks during the summer and evenings later in my life. I consider it my childhood home since I did not have one house for my whole childhood. Realizing that Grandma’s house is no longer there is one of my saddest thoughts mixed with happy memories of time spent there.

I am from the long row of mom’s daffodils in the back yard and Grandma’s huge garden. I am from summers of catching fireflies, picking strawberries, tangled hair, riding bike, and playing outside every minute that the weather was nice. I am from school years of practicing and playing flute. I am from the woman that wishes she would have listened to my mom and Grandma Frieda’s homemaking advice better.

I am from many stories of how God had always provided. I am from homemade gifts from the heart and hand-me-downs even if we didn’t have much money to get the latest fads. I am from don’t waste anything which taught me to love cow tongue, edible weeds, and think to make the most with what we had instead of buying more. I am from many hours laughing while playing board and card games. I am from sleeping under Grandma’s homemade quilts made with love just for me. I am from my mom made my prom dress just the way I wanted it.

I am from a love of music instilled by attending many organ recitals and Philharmonic concerts and other church concerts. I am from listen to NPR most of the day and not own a TV for many years of growing up. I am from a family that hung the United States flag proudly the respectful way every day. I am from the family that was quick to cry when hearing stories of the men that fought for our freedoms in our great country and never missed the Memorial Day parade. I am from never miss the high school basketball game when they play at home. I am from the house that always had a room devoted to a library. I am from weekly trips to the public library, reading under the covers after the lights went out, and parents that read to me daily. I am from a dad that made it possible for me to not miss my first college Wind Ensemble tour by picking me up at the airport after my trip to the Holy Land and driving me through the night to meet up with the group.

I am from Grandma’s suppers of only huge banana splits and smells of mom’s freshly baked homemade cinnamon rolls almost every Saturday. I am from Aunt Pauline brings the pies, Grandma Frieda brings tons of homemade cookies, dad makes the ham or turkey, and mom makes everything else from scratch for almost every holiday. I am from inviting someone to lunch nearly every Sunday and having a home cooked meal-usually a roast with veggies and homemade dinner rolls. I am from Grandma’s Easter cupcakes made with homemade fondant and homemade fried chicken that was so good we even had it for Thanksgiving one year. I am from the family that ate dinner together and had devotions afterwards almost every evening whether it was just us or company too.

I am from Grandma’s photos from the last century organized neatly in an old metal picnic basket and many other photos scrapbooked neatly. I am from a family where I never questioned that I was loved by them or God.

Esther posted this yesterday. I really enjoyed writing this. Esther's post has a link to the site it came from and the poem it is based on. My sister is going to try to write one and it will be interesting comparing the two as we are 7 years apart. I encourage you to write one, it is fun! Part of where I am from is that we moved a lot of my childhood which made my poem a long poem because I couldn't talk about one specific place.

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Rachael, This is beautiful written and a true look to how nice it is to have had Christian parents and grandparents. congratulations on the work you are doing to teach your children and supporting your husband and your parents in Christian love. Roanoke, Indiana