Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Road Trip!

1 very long day+
3 hot, tired Lambs+
1 Ewe driving-
1 Ram (for some reason pastors have to work on Sunday mornings!)+
10 hours round trip driving+
almost 700 miles round trip+
real temperature of high 90s and feels like temperature of over 115+
many many stops for 3 Lambs to go to the bathroom (I really wanted them all to be potty trained? Trips were easier with diapers!)=

a few hours to see Ewe's parents+
a few hours to see family that I hadn't seen since summer 2009+
being able to be here:

=Worth it all!

Rev. Jonathan Ripke is in the front center. Ewe's dad is second from the right in the back. The preacher was Rev. Loum from St. Louis. His sermon was long, but excellent, and especially good for members of a rural church to hear. There were many pastors from Seward and the circuit.

Lamb 2 with his godfather

Rev. Jonathan and Megan Ripke-both the sermon and comments at the reception reminded them that they are a team in the ministry; Rev. Ripke is the pastor preaching the Word and she will both be the pastor's wife to support him and a member of the church spreading the Word to the local community.

More details about our trip to be posted tomorrow.

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