Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happenings yesterday

A friend had to make a decision to turn off life support for her husband yesterday. We knew this from her pastor. Funeral arrangements are being made now. This man was at Ram's installation service in November joking and talking with us.

I found out a friend that was a pastor's wife in our district is moving to MN. This is a big across half of the country move for them. I'm so excited for them that they can be near family (and near some of my Looper friends in MN). But I mourn the loss of them from this district as I now don't know any pastor's wives in this big district.

Life really can change in an instant. I'm doing my best to be a good friend to the new widow and attempt to make new friends here.

I am content! My Jesus is my light. 
My radiant sun of grace. 
His cheering rays beam blessings forth for all, 
Sweet comfort, hope, and peace. 
This Easter sun has brought salvation and everlasting exultation. 
I am content! I am content! (LSB 468:3)

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