Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Yesterday was Lamb 3's birthday and hopefully I will post about his birthday and post photos soon. Today I was too busy...
A lady from church was supposed to come over and help me decide where to hang wall hangings and do decoration like that. She canceled which meant I should have had the whole day free to do work here. Here's what I ended up doing.
Greet the furnace repairman and sign the receipt when he was finished.
Get Lamb 3 ready for preschool.
Homeschool Lamb 1 and 2.
Teach Lamb 1 and 2 how to play my favorite board game, Parcheesi. Play a long game.
Make lunch and eat a little early so Ram can get back to church for afternoon chapel.
Teach Lamb 1 and 2 how to play Scrabble Jr.
Play dominoes with Lamb 3 since he was too little to play Scrabble.
"Check out" books from Lamb 1's "pretend" library and learn what the library policy is at this library for future checkouts.
Rest time for everyone.
Make clam sauce spaghetti and eat supper.
Our family travels to Ben and Jerry's for free cone day. (Yum! We live near a city with a Ben and Jerry's now! Plus Ram is done with confirmation class for the year so he was able to go with us on a Tuesday evening.)
Everyone to Target for some shopping.
Return some stuff to Best Buy and Walmart for refunds.
Ewe ran into Michael's fast to use a coupon before it expired and they closed tonight.
Lambs in bed about 2 hours past bedtime.

Getting "nothing" done was worth it to both have a good time having free ice cream as a family and to hear Lamb 1 say that Parcheesi is now his second favorite board game. Shh... don't tell him that Parcheesi is a good math review too. They also enjoyed Scrabble Jr. which was my favorite board game when I was Lamb 1's age. That was good for Lamb 2's reading and spelling skills.

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Joelle said...

I've never made it to B&J for the free ice cream. Matt made it the first time they did it with some co-workers. How long did you have to wait in line? Maybe we'll go next time - we could wait in line with you :)