Monday, April 30, 2012

Newlywed again

Yesterday was our 10 year 4 month anniversary. I was teaching in the classroom when we returned from our honeymoon. Teaching and writing thank you notes kept me very busy. We were crammed into an 800 square foot home so many of our wedding gifts stayed packed up and went straight to the attic waiting for moving for Ram's first Call.
As I unpacked my china last week I was struck that this last month I felt like a newlywed in our new home. I am unpacking things that have been packed and put away for our whole marriage. (I am also making decisions of what to give away since some of that hasn't been used for 10 years.)  Some was packed up because there was no place to put it in the parsonage, but now there is a place for it. We are having some cupboards with glass doors put in so I will be able to display some of my breakable things that I haven't been able to put out since we had the boys. Even unpacking things that have been packed up since October has reminded me of people that gave us those wedding gifts-some of those people are in heaven now. I am given a chance to organize my house and put things where I want them, taking time to hang up the pictures and things that I was too busy to do as a newlywed. Ram and I have our own bathroom for the first time since we had kids. It makes me happy to take a bath with candles around the bathtub instead of kids bath toys. When I organized the kitchen I took notes on what pots and pans should be replaced after 10 years. I am slowly getting rid of the junk and getting my house organized to what we really need and use-how I imagine most newlyweds are when they start out with the necessary things before they collect all the stuff they don't really need.
Moving is a lot of work, but feeling like a newlywed again makes it worth it!

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