Saturday, March 16, 2013

Concordia Portland Wind Ensemble

Thank goodness I don't need to write an "obituary" about a friend today after the last two days. On Thursday night we went downtown and ate at a pizza place where the Lambs were able to make their own pizza and watch it being baked.

Ram and I shared a salad and a gluten free pizza. Dessert for the Lambs was choice of freshly baked peanut butter or chocolate chip cookie. Of course Ram and I had to break the gluten free diet and have a peanut butter cookie too! I figured it wasn't so bad since we had gf crust.
Then we walked down to the Egyptian Theatre. We are happy spring weather is here for walking downtown. We had not been there before so it was fun to see the old theatre with Egyptian art. 

(Photo taken by Ram's cell phone-sorry for the quality.)
We went to hear Concordia Portland's Wind Ensemble. After the first piece Lamb 3 asked if we could come listen to them every day! The theatre was not crowded so we allowed the Lambs to stand by their seats and to march in place during the Sousa march. After their experience with the Beethoven concert a few weeks ago, they liked this concert much better-both the music and the length and that it wasn't crowded. Their Wind Ensemble was just organized in 2008 so they are definitely in the building the program phase. It reminded me when I was a freshman at CUW. I was familiar with the director from when I went to Art of Music Camp at River Forest. He came to Portland by way of River Forest, Hong Kong, and Seward. Their wind ensemble has about 30 members.

Afterwards we attended the reception at Concordia Law School. Lamb 2 kept asking when we would leave for the wedding reception. Unfortunately the concert was not well attended, this is a busy time of year for everyone. Which meant that there were mountains of peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies for the Lambs to try to tackle. Ram and I broke the gluten free diet a second time to have another cookie. The Lambs liked that they got to stay up late that night too.

It was an enjoyable evening and Ram gave his business card to them and said that our church would be happy to host any music groups that come by this way again. We were some of few that attended that were not taking a few students home for the night.

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