Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Paleo feast

We have gotten into the routine of picking up our Bountiful Baskets every other Saturday morning and Saturday and Sunday suppers are feasts with all our new produce. This is what we had Saturday night. Mashed cauliflower, asparagus, and elk with a topping that Ram modified a recipe of apples, oranges, and onions.
We had extra asparagus because Ram volunteered at Bountiful Baskets and I hope to make asparagus soup yet this week. The cauliflower, asparagus, apples, and oranges were from our Basket. The elk was from a friend that we visited on our way home from vacation last summer. We ate some of the elk that they gave us right away and this one was still in the freezer. I'm trying to make more room in my freezer for the chicken I bought from Zaycon that will be delivered tomorrow.
The weather was nice enough to eat outside on the picnic table on our patio where we could listen to our new wind chimes that were a present from my secret pal.
We're not eating all of our meals paleo, but we are headed in that direction, and when Ram cooks a meal like this eating paleo is wonderful!

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