Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lamb underwear

Lamb 3 was the first of my Lambs to consistently keep his bed dry all night. He actually kept his Pullup dry for the last several months, but it was only about a month ago that we let him wear underwear to bed. The other two don't stay dry so we didn't see the signs that Lamb 3 could. He just put the Pullup on at bedtime copying what his brothers did.

With this post I'm not asking for advice on bedwetting-we have tried going back and forth with Lamb 1 and 2 with underwear for a few months and doing lots of laundry and going back to Goodnites or the cloth Pullups I bought on Etsy. This was the advice from our pediatrician in MN. We regularly go to the chiropractor. We try to limit drinks after dinner. We have lots of nightlights and their bedroom is close to their bathroom. But the problem is that our new house does not have a clothes line so I hate to wash sheets here. Both Ram and I wet the bed until we were almost teenagers and Lamb 1 sleeps soundly and I think he will be just like Ram and I. Lamb 2 might be trained earlier, but he's not consistent yet.

Unfortunately right before we decided to let Lamb 3 wear underwear to bed, Costco had a sale and I bought a whole case of Pullups in Lamb 3's small size. He'll be 5 soon but he wears size 2T Pullups. I opened that case and put it in their closet. Today I asked the preschool director if she would like them. She said she didn't care if they had Cars theme, she would use some for her twin girls and the rest would be great for emergencies at our church preschool or even in the nursery.

Of course letting Lamb 3 wear underwear to bed caused problems for his brothers. So I said when they showed me 3 dry Goodnites in a row they could wear underwear to bed too. Neither of them has accomplished this. There were tears at first, but now everyone is used to it.

The funniest part was the first night Lamb 3 took a bath after he began wearing underwear to bed, after bath he put a Pullup on. He had put his dirty clothes including underwear in the laundry room so he couldn't see what else to do besides put on a Pullup. The next bath night I reminded him to put on clean underwear after bath. His face lit up with a grin and said, oh, then I don't have to change my underwear in the morning do I? Sorry, you'll have to put on clean underwear in the morning too!

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