Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life is sure not boring

When I hear people make the comment that they could never be a SAHM or a home school mom because they would be bored, I just can't understand that. Here's a few of the things that we did just yesterday and today.
*Ram took yesterday off instead of his usual day, Friday, due to Good Friday. The Lambs helped him plant two cherry trees in our back yard.
*We did school yesterday and today. Lamb 1 was glad to complete his first writing assignment in Draw and Write Through History Greece and Rome and is looking forward to doing his first drawing assignment tomorrow. Lamb 3 joined us for school both days as his preschool is on spring break this week. He is such an eager worker that I have to stay on my toes to keep him busy the whole time Lamb 1 and 2 are working. We will do school tomorrow and take off the rest of this week and early next week for Holy Week and Lamb 3's birthday.
*The Lambs got caught up on writing thank you notes for Lamb 1's birthday and some other random things that they received/did recently. That meant that I had to write notes to enclose with their notes and address those envelopes.
*Made the Lambs practice a little extra before piano lessons as they didn't practice much last week. Took them to piano lessons and read to/worked with the other two Lambs during one hour worth of lessons for two Lambs.
*Took Lambs to Great Harvest Bread Company to get a free loaf of bread with a coupon, deliver a thank you note for the preschool field trip.
*Planned out science for the next few years for homeschool-Lamb 1 will be a little behind where I would like him to be as moving messed up my plans for homeschool the last couple of years. Pulled books from our home library on the next topic I planned.
*Pulled a bunch of "baby books" from our home library shelves, am reading through the pile slowly with Lamb 3 as I'm not sure we ever read some of these classics with him as Lamb 1 and 2 had outgrown them. Lamb 1 and 2 are listening while I read to Lamb 3. Sadly going through them after reading them one more time and deciding what to give away and what to pack up for my grandchildren.
*Made a pile of all our Easter books, ready to read to the Lambs next week after Easter.
*Made cut out cross cookies for an event at church on Saturday.
*Planted a plant that the piano teacher gave them last week and I finally put it in a bigger pot. I hope it didn't die while it was waiting on me.
*Ram cooked dinner and we both did dishes both nights.
*Tried on a bunch of clothes I was given and filled a few bags with what I don't want, hung the rest up in my closet. Eventually I'll need to clean out my closet and get rid of more, but this was the first go through.
*Ordered some surprises for the Sunday School kids to be given to them on Good Shepherd Sunday-of course had to buy a few more things while I was at CBD.COM.
*Made up some goodie bags for Lamb 3 to share with his preschool classmates on his birthday and also talked to Lamb 3/planned what book to read to his class on his birthday.
*Planned with the inlaws when they will visit for the Lambs and Ram's birthday and when we will visit them for other holidays this year. Between our schedule at church, Ram's schedule, and his dad not being retired, this was work to coordinate.
*Enforced our new family rule of 1 1/2 hours max of TV on. Each Lamb gets to pick 1/2 hour. It only took 1/2 a day for the negotiating between the Lambs to begin-also the scrambling to turn the TV off immediately after their show was done so they didn't waste their time on the next show so they could save enough time to watch Wild Kratts. New rule says no TV on Sunday for the Lambs, that's Ewe's TV night since Call the Midwife begins on Sunday night.

Hopefully I will have time to blog more about some of what I listed here with photos. Do you see why I never blog everything that I want to? I'm too busy doing all this...

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Sue said...

I never got that, either. And now my kids are grown and I'm a Grandma to a darling 2 1/2 year old boy - joy! I still work full time, but when I retire in 4 years, I will NOT be bored! I quilt, I will quilt more, I will hopefully volunteer at my grandson's school, at church, etc. etc. I never get it when people say that.