Saturday, March 9, 2013


I downloaded and deleted from my camera pictures from Christmas yesterday. I didn't realize how busy we've been until I realized I hadn't even looked at pictures from Christmas until March.  We have been so busy at church since Christmas. It's exciting to be part of an active growing church and preschool, but time demanding.

Here is a list of some of what we did in just February-beginning of March.

  • Cleaned out my scrapbook supplies and donated some unopened items (especially pink or girly stickers!) to the scrapbook night that was a fundraiser for the youth group
  • Made a dessert and attended that scrapbook night with my friend Joelle
  • Cleaned the house and had company-friends from Thailand/then cleaned up the toys again after they left :)
  • Ewe's annual checkup for her thyroid
  • Planned and did a special art project with the Sunday School before Lent began
  • Made orange marmalade
  • Attended extra church meetings planning preschool classes for next year (Ewe) and trying to hire a church secretary (Ram)
  • Had our stove looked at before the warranty ran out
  • Had piano tuned
  • Lamb 3 began speech once a week after public school meetings to set that up
  • Lamb 3 had his ears checked again-hearing and fluid in ear good now
  • Ate at IHOP free pancake day
  • Ate at Fuddruckers free hamburger day
  • Attended Philharmonic's Beethoven's 1st and 9th symphony concert
  • Made fruit salad for Voter's Meeting
  • Made Valentines for Lamb 3's class and cut out heart cookies
  • Ram did his first funeral at the church since we've been here-lots of visits to the man before he died too
  • Did some supplemental lesson planning for the preschool for a week to go with the bakery field trip I had suggested-attended bakery field trip too
  • Preschool fundraiser night-got donations from a few businesses, helped set up, shredded 25 lbs of chicken, baked cookies shaped like sombreros, baked chocolate raspberry ganache pie, helped clean up, attended
  • Ram's parents visited for a few days to celebrate Lamb 1's birthday
  • Celebrated Lamb 1's birthday with our family
  • Made dessert for most of the Lent suppers
  • Had both cars serviced, Toyota recall taken care of (had to go several times because of scheduling, but finally done with that), both cars air emissions checked
  • LWML luncheon today-made table favors, made fruit salad, helped set up and clean up, wrapped gift for secret pal
  • Made treats for church Fellowship Time tomorrow
  • Got together the info we need for taxes and mailed it to our tax lady
Beginning tomorrow after church, we have "free" time on the calendar again! We were sick last week but I'm hoping we are all healthy next week to visit my nearest in distance Looper. We are now back to a regular routine of homeschool, speech for 2 Lambs, piano lessons for 2 Lambs, and church (Sunday and Wednesdays during Lent). It feels so good to not have taxes, preschool fundraiser night, or LWML luncheon table favors on my to do list any more! Ram will still be very busy until Holy Week but it's nice that I can now focus on getting back to the routine and try to get some order back to our house again.
I am hoping to blog about many of the activities I listed here and include photos in my "free" time next week. First I plan to relax tomorrow afternoon!

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