Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lamb 2's Recipe

Ram and I have tried to eat gluten free without forcing the Lambs to join our diet. Lamb 2 told me today that he does not like bread. I wonder if he is slightly gluten intolerant. He did say he likes rolls and cinnamon rolls, etc. so possibly it is just a dislike. At lunch time I got out a few things and was trying to decide what to make for lunch that would be mostly gluten free for me, that the Lambs would eat, and use up some stuff in the fridge without running to the store for more ingredients. Ram did not eat lunch with us today so I was willing to cheat on gluten free a little if we needed to.

Lamb 2 started talking about how he did not like bread. Then he decided he wanted hot ham and cheese, just ham and cheese without bread. So I fried a piece of ham, put cheese in the middle and put another piece of ham on top. His looked so good that I made one for myself. Lamb 1 and 3 didn't want that-Lamb 1 doesn't like cheese and Lamb 3 wanted bread. When I told Ram about it he wanted one for a bedtime snack. We cut it into small pieces to eat it with a fork.

I'm sure to those of you that have eaten paleo or gluten free for longer than us this sounds like an obvious recipe. We have eaten a pile of tuna topped with melted cheese for awhile. But this was a new idea for me today. I can picture other meats topped with different kinds of cheeses. It was a sandwich of meat and cheese without bread. Yum!

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Melrose said...

have you tried sweet potato hash browns? I grate sweet potatoes in my food processor and then begin frying bacon. When my cast iron skillet is good and grease covered from the cooking bacon I dump in the grated potato and begin cooking the two together while cutting up the bacon to mix it in well. It is sooo good. I've also mixed in beef, pork, put bbq sauce all over the top, etc. Very versatile. :) Also, go to and type in "biscuits" in the search box. I've made her almond flour biscuits mixing cheddar cheese in the batter and oooo they are incredible! Finally you can make the easiest bread ever by following this recipe: Then you can make real sandwiches if you want. :)