Thursday, April 25, 2013


When we were engaged we visited Ram's parents. Ram's younger brother also visited at the same time so we all spent the week together. One evening we went out to eat. Their small town doesn't have a lot of choices for eating out. We went to a sushi restaurant. When we ordered everyone ordered something. I had no idea that we were sharing what we ordered with the whole table when we ordered. With a mom and dad of 3 boys and 2 grown boys, I didn't take enough food when it first came. I went home from that meal still hungry. Ram's mom joked on the way home that she had planned to have berries and cream for dessert but she was sure everyone was so full after all that food that we weren't having dessert. As the new member of the family I didn't speak up at the restaurant or on the way home. I learned after that to take bigger helpings the first time which has come in handy with 3 boys of our own.

12 years later we went out to eat at a sushi restaurant tonight. On the way there I thought of the first time our family went out for sushi. Tonight we sat at the bar and little boats floated by and we took what we wanted for $1 per plate. I have no idea what was on those plates, but we learned quickly if something looked good to take a plate off the boat and try it. Ram's dad couldn't believe how cheap it was-the average for our family was less than $10/person. Lamb 2 sat by me and we had 16 plates between the two of us to give you an idea. We can barely eat at a fast food restaurant for that price and it was much less than going to a typical American sit down restaurant. The plates had sushi rolls, some had chicken or other main course foods, and some had fruit like pineapple or oranges. This time I went home stuffed! Lamb 2 declared that is where he wants to go for his birthday dinner. We'll see if that is the place he picks when his birthday comes next month, but all the Lambs liked the food and ate well. I hadn't even noticed this restaurant before we went there tonight, but we'll be going back there again. I noticed some reviewers online said this restaurant is the best sushi they have ever had and they can't believe this restaurant is found in ID.

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Cheryl said...

I had never had sushi until a few years ago. I have found that there is some sushi I love but it is at the more upscale restaurants. We have had lower-priced sushi and I didn't like it as much. I guess I am a sushi snob! The one place that sells cheap sushi that I do like is Trader Joe's, from the deli department. You are lucky to have good, cheap sushi!