Monday, April 29, 2013

Ram's birthday

Ram's parents came on Wednesday and dropped off the presents and visited for a little while. Thursday was a busy day with Ram at pastor's conference, Lamb 3 had preschool and it was picture day. I cheated and picked up Chik-Fil-A for lunch while I chauffeured the Lambs around. Lamb 2 had speech therapy. Then Grandpa and Grandma and our family went to the park and went fishing. We didn't catch anything but we ran around the park and played on the playground in between fishing for a couple of hours. Then we went to the sushi restaurant that I already blogged about.
Friday Ram's parents did their own thing most of the day so we spent the day catching up on household tasks. When Ram's parents came we opened up birthday presents. Then Ram's parents and Ram and Ewe all went out to eat for an adult dinner. The Lambs were a little disappointed their first choice for babysitter wasn't available, but they had a babysitter and didn't have to go to a nice restaurant and behave so they weren't too disappointed. The adults went to Lenu Ona-a Basque restaurant. Ram had beef tongue that was really good, the rest of us had Lamb that was good. I don't know if I would ever get a babysitter and go there again, but it was good food to do that once.
Saturday morning we rushed to get to a few places. There was a local church that was moving so we went to their garage sale and picked up some treasures. Lamb 1 and Ewe attended a gardening class at our church. Then Ram and his dad went to drag racing all day. Ram's mom, Ewe, and the boys played board games, went to the park, and went for a treat of frozen yogurt. When Ram and his dad got home we grilled out and had a nice meal at home together.

Today we are having Ram's choice for meals for his birthday with our family. I always like this part of the year because for half a year it seems like Ram and Ewe are only one year apart in age!

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