Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lamb 3 is Five!

It will take a couple of days to post about Lamb 3's birthday. He turned 5 yesterday.

He had preschool on his birthday so I wanted to do something special for his classmates and him. Since it was right after Easter I didn't want to give them a sugar treat. My sister helped me come up with an idea for goodie bags. Easter was the perfect time to do something like this-I bought everything in the dollar section at Target except for the initial stampers. That was one set of alphabet stamps from Michaels with a coupon. The only problem was that there were two children that had a name that started with M so my sister donated an extra M that she had. My sister made the tags and I put the bags together.

This was what was in Noah's bag. The Fun Dough tools were a set in the dollar section that I divided up between a couple of children. I had thought of Silly Putty eggs but these bubbles were in the dollar section for much cheaper than Silly Putty.
Here the bags were set out at the preschool for the children to pick up.

Our 3 Lambs got similar but a little better items in their bags. They got bigger sets of Play Doh, a big bottle of bubbles, and their first and middle initial stampers. They blew bubbles right after lunch. We had a busy day and they were finally able to do Play Doh after supper. When I took their picture, Lamb 1 said, don't post this photo on your blog! I don't want everyone to see a 9 year old doing Play Doh! Which made me have to post the photo!

More about Lamb 3's birthday to be posted tomorrow.

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Joelle said...

Is there something wrong with playing with playdoh??? I know teenagers who like to play with playdoh :) You are very creative with your treats!