Monday, April 15, 2013

What has been happening at our house recently?

*Last summer we worked on getting the inside organized. This year we planted 2 cherry trees, 2 blueberry bushes, and made a spot to get strawberry plants-hopefully next weekend. We would like to have a garden, but we have not cleared a space for that yet. I'm considering doing hay bale gardening this summer if I can get a couple of hay bales. We bought a few perennial flowers and hope to get those in the ground soon.
*We bought an American flag that was made in the USA. Ram hung it too high the first time, we tried again and the boys are enjoying hanging it in the morning and putting it away in the evening.
*We had beautiful weather around Easter and now it has cooled down some. I'm not complaining because we haven't had snow like DakotaPam!
*I scrapbooked all day on Saturday with my friend Joelle for National Scrapbook Day. I think it is the least I have ever gotten done at a scrapbook day. We had a nice long chat so it was worth it. I worked on Lamb 1's pictures from 2005-only 8 more years to catch up on his album! If only I could work on it at home and try to finish his album for 2005.
*Our whole family cleaned out the garage on Sunday. We threw out enough/reorganized to make room for a fridge. The boys organized their tools and woodworking supplies. We are planning to buy a new fridge and put this one in the garage-at least temporarily until we can buy a freezer. Any advice for fridge shopping for me? I want a bottom freezer.
*The garage organization brought a few more boxes in for me to go through. One box had things like CD cases, old cameras, cassette tape players. Most of that went in the trash. One box had magazines-I'm looking at old issues of Family Fun and they are also going in the trash. I'm washing up some old boots etc. to give away.
*I've also been going through some of our books, I'm pretty much done with the baby and toddler age books, now I'm working on pregnancy/parenting type of books. Ram took a bunch over to our library book sale and we'll have more soon.
*I've been working with Lamb 2 to learn names of music notes. Lamb 1 caught on to this much quicker than Lamb 2. I can tell by working on this that there are going to be areas where he has difficulty in school. I'm so glad we homeschool and I can spend time with him. We both feel successful when he finally does catch on!
*Lamb 3 is working on "f" and "v" sounds in speech. We continue to work on this at home.
*Lamb 1 finished his first assignment in Drawing Through History:Greece and Rome by drawing and writing about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. I think I will have Lamb 2 do the next assignment with him but print it instead of write in cursive.
*Lamb 3 only has one day of preschool this week due to parent teacher conferences. We are getting a taste of what homeschooling will be like next year without him at preschool. I wish this would have been the same week as Ram has pastor conference, but of course that didn't work that way.
*Ram and I finished week one for the exercise part of the Be Well Serve Well program. I  rode a bike for the first time in about 25 years and I thought I wouldn't make the half hour bike ride.
*We owed a lot on taxes this year. I miss living in MN. Obama paid less of a percentage of taxes than we did. Our budget is really tight right now and we will need to tighten the budget from now on in order to continue to pay quarterly estimated taxes. I am thankful for our low mortgage for this. Life is so unfair about our tax situation, but I continue to try to look at the positive side-Ram has a job that he likes and we have a roof over our heads and the list goes on and on. I was going to blog about our taxes a few weeks ago but I needed to calm down a little first. Ram did go to Starbucks for his free coffee. Our family didn't go for any other freebies because it would end up costing us more than the freebie.
*Maybe now that it is after Easter I can begin to get caught up on blogging about all that I just wrote about and post some pictures taken the last few months too.

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