Monday, November 4, 2013

All Saints Day

Ram's installation at our church was on All Saints Day (Observed) 2 years ago. On that busy day, All Saints Day wasn't observed very much with all the other festivities. But when it was time for communion, I remembered that it was All Saints Day and it brought tears to my eyes to see two living saints in wheelchairs come up to the communion rail together.

Wheelchair number one was a younger lady that I'm not sure what her official diagnosis is other than she has some muscle problems and is a slower speaker. She introduced herself after the service and talked about how happy she was that she was able to attend Ram's installation. She also smiled as she said how happy she was that she was a baptized Lutheran. A caretaker brings her to church almost every Sunday.

Wheelchair number two was an older lady pushed by her husband. It brought tears to my eyes that a husband would take care of every need for his wife. In the two years we have been here they very rarely missed church, I can only think of one vacation where they did. They were no longer able to help with many projects at church, but they were there every Sunday for church and Bible class. We later found out that they were charter members of our church. This summer the husband announced that he had terminal cancer. Even though it took great effort, he continued to go to church each Sunday. Their children took turns bringing them to church. On Reformation Sunday after church he told his children he was too weak to go to church any more. We could not predict that he would be praising God on His throne by the next Sunday.

So All Saints Day Observed brought extra tears for the members of our congregation, especially when Pastor reminded the children during the Children's Message that the whole company of heaven is at the communion rail with us. The hymns were so beautiful when thinking of this saint that has gone before us. Some of his family including his wife were in church with us yesterday which made his chair seem empty.

After church yesterday I went to talk to the lady in wheelchair number one. She was smiling and talked about how happy she was. I had to stop myself from saying that I cried through most of the service. But then she explained some more-she was happy because her friend from our church was no longer in pain and was with Jesus now. And I smiled because I know that they will still be at the communion rail together each Sunday.

For the Lord takes pleasure in his people, he adorns the humble with salvation. Psalm 149:4

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