Friday, November 22, 2013


I'm posting some pictures on my blog! I'm trying to get caught up before Christmas. These pictures are from this month too!

The Lambs built a church out of Legos. Notice the pastor is bald. The area in the back is the closet for the acolyte supplies. The people outside the church are in a wheelchair built for three so they can fit in the church better. I thought the Lambs were very creative. I love the organist with pink hair!
Lamb 1 and 2 with their Lego church.

Lamb 3 with Tigger. He tried to buy Tigger at our church bazaar but he only had a $5 bill and it cost a nickel so they gave it to him. That was all he wanted at the bazaar. His brothers bought more junk treasures and spent more of their $5 each spending money. Tigger needed back surgery by Ewe the same day we brought him home. Lamb 3 has given lots of love to Tigger since he brought him home.

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