Sunday, November 17, 2013

Trunk or Treat

This was the best picture I took at any of the Trunk or Treats we went to. It was held at my friend Joelle's church. It was so nice to attend but not do all the work! We couldn't find her son when it was time to take the picture.
Not pictured: T-Thomas the Train.
Lamb 3-Eeyore
A-Riding a horse
Lamb 1-Baseball player
Lamb 2-The King of Candy with a homemade sword

Ram took them to our city Trunk or Treat while I attended a teacher workshop. The Lambs received several gift cards for free kids meals for restaurants in the area and lots of candy. We'll try to go to that event again next year. We didn't take any pictures of the city Trunk or Treat.

Our church Trunk or Treat started out rainy but we had great attendance. I didn't take many pictures, but here are a few.
This family made their own costumes. They attended our church Trunk or Treat but they are not members of our church. Aren't they creative?

A few photos of the Lambs before it got dark.
Lamb 1- Obi Wan Kenobi homemade costume made out of duct tape
(He asked if he could grow a beard for Halloween! Perhaps next year I'll have to get some face paint for beards.)
Lamb 2-The King of Candy
With finger glow rings that we gave out at Trunk or Treat

Lamb 3-Eeyore
With glow in the dark sword

I can't get Blogger to cooperate to post the last picture. Anyway, our trunk was decorated with pumpkins and squash at the bottom of the trunk and the Lambs made Halloween paper chains too. Bones had surgery and was able to attend Trunk or Treat. Unfortunately he broke his leg again at Trunk or Treat. I think he overdid it going to Trunk or Treat the day after his surgery. No surgeries have been successful since then so I think his left leg will need to be amputated below the knee. He is currently recovering on the sofa in our library.

Lamb 2 and 3 have almost finished their candy. They received a lot going to Trunk or Treat 3 times plus Trick or Treating in our neighborhood. You can't tell that Lamb 1 has eaten any because he limits himself to one piece a day. I now know who we need to teach budgeting skills to in the future!

I told the Lambs that we were not spending money on costumes this year. They were pretty creative in coming up with stuff we had around the house. They all ended up with warm costumes for our church Trunk or Treat that was cold and rainy.

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Joelle said...

Could you send me the picture of A with your boys? Cute photo! Love that J wanted to grow a beard! Haha! Where/when was the city trunk or treat? I want to do that next year! The Beauty and the Beast family was VERY creative! Your boys were too - good job!