Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Feeling like Supermom today...

*Up at 7am to make a healthy breakfast for the Lambs.
*On call for a cancellation at the doctor for Lamb 2.
*Got that phone call at 9:05am and got Lamb 2 there by 9:15am.
*Heard I was the first parent to ever write a report for the developmental optometrist of progress I saw in the first two months of vision therapy. Perhaps it is because I am his mom and his teacher?
*Attended Lamb 2's first evaluation by the doctor of his progress with vision therapy. Learned there were improvements but he has a long way to go. Doctor was not surprised that Lamb 2's speech has really improved since he began vision therapy. Now have lots to tell his other therapists.
*Rushed home to get Lamb 1 and 3 so Ram could go to work late/lead preschool chapel.
*Picked up Lamb 2 when he was done with vision therapy.
*Tried a new paleo banana pancake recipe for lunch. I thought it was a disaster, the Lambs all liked it. The Lambs never all like the same recipe! Lamb 1 refuses to eat bananas and he loved the pancakes too.
*Ate lunch-it was ok with sausage and homemade applesauce.
*Spent what seemed like hours getting the Lambs organized to go for the afternoon.
*Took Lambs to piano lessons. While Lamb 2 was at lessons, took Lamb 1 and 3 to Hobbytown to look at train accessories for Lamb 1 to spend his birthday $ on. He didn't buy anything but was glad to window shop. Took Lamb 2 and 3 to the library for a bathroom break during Lamb 1's piano lesson.
*Drove to a new part of town to me to find where they will attend track and field.
*Went to a grocery store to buy snacks as that was cheaper than going home or going out to eat.
*Ate snacks in car with Lambs.
*Noticed it was 60 degrees so told Lambs they could leave their sweatshirts in the car. Noticed most of the other kids were dressed the opposite of mine-with sweatshirts and shorts instead of short sleeves and pants.
*Sat through a 1 1/2 hour track practice thinking it would be 1 hour. Lamb 3 wanted to go back to the car for his sweatshirt but I thought practice was almost over. I was wearing a sweater but Lamb 3 and I froze that last half hour. Watched Lamb 3 during practice because even though he is old enough to do track and field this year he didn't want to. I was very impressed with what they taught the kids today-the only track and field I ever did was PE class. Not sure if the Lambs and I can handle 10 weeks of twice a week track practice along with all our other activities. Know this is really good for Lamb 1 and 2 and we will attempt it.
*Drove home in traffic and was glad that Ram had supper made.
*Ate supper and put Lambs to bed.
*Noticed our taxes were prepared so printed that off. Not counting what we have already paid in estimated taxes and what we will need to pay in estimated taxes for next year, came out about even in what we owe federal and will be refunded by state. This is so unfair because that state refund is to make up for sales tax on food in ID. Every year at tax time I wish we still lived in MN.
*Found out we actually could get a babysitter for the state prayer breakfast. Next found out we were too late to RSVP. I really wanted to hear the Hobby Lobby director speak. Canceled the babysitter.
*Plan to wrap Lamb 1's birthday presents now.
*Glad I made Lamb 1's cupcakes last night as I'm too tired to do it now.
*Still feeling guilty that I'm bringing "cute" dessert to church on Ash Wednesday. I can't help that is Lamb 1's birthday! This is like a few years ago when Lamb 3's birthday was on Good Friday.
*Hoping the Lambs aren't too tired to do my plans for the birthday Lamb tomorrow.
*Trying to decide if I want a bath or just go to bed now.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, reading about you day's activities made me tired!
Iowa Looper