Monday, March 17, 2014

Ram's Finger

On Friday our church preschool had a fundraiser. We were talking to people and missed out on a lot of the clean up. Ram and I hurried to help before everything was done. I was in the kitchen working. Ram went to put something away in the shed. He cut his finger on the shed lock. I thought we would need to go to the ER. The members laughed because last summer he cut his hand on a cheese slicer. It stopped bleeding and we went home, missing out on the rest of the clean up.

Today Ram thought he should have the doctor look at it so he went into the clinic. He needed to have a splinter removed from it. He came very close to fainting while they worked on it. He had to remain at the doctor's office until they were sure he was ok. They told him that often tall people faint with the medicine he was given to numb it.

He came home and his finger was too sore to type his sermon. So until his meeting tonight, he unofficially took the day off. Lamb 2 had a fever Saturday night so Ewe, Lamb 2, and Lamb 3 stayed home from church yesterday. All the Lambs were grouchy today so I think they all have a touch of what Lamb 2 had on Saturday even though none of them have fevers today. It was very helpful to have Ram home today to help me with grouchy Lambs. I wish that we would have accomplished more organizing and cleaning today since we were all home, but that wasn't happening with grouchy Lambs. I hope that we can all go back to normal activities tomorrow.

Add to this that strep throat is going around now and I'm unsure if I will need to take Lamb 2 to the doctor. We are very close to meeting our deductible, but have not met it yet. Injuries like Ram's finger were not in the plans for meeting our deductible! Doesn't it seem to always work that way?

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