Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring is in ID

Since our house was brand new, there were only a few bushes planted in our yard and any other landscaping was up to us. After living most of my life in parsonages or older  houses this was something new to me. Last fall one of our church members gave us a bunch of bulbs and plants as she thinned her flower beds out before she went South for the winter. I didn't know she was going to gift us with that so I also bought some crocus, tulip, and daffodil bulbs. It took two weekends of all 5 of us working in all our free time to get all those bulbs planted. I'm not sure of the names of all the plants we were gifted nor when they will bloom. I especially wanted to plant up my front sidewalk with some early, mid, and late spring bloomers so we can have flowers there for a long time. I also wanted daffodils along our back fence so we can see them while we sit at the kitchen table.

All that work last fall paid off and I must have planned well along the sidewalk because this is popping up about every third space! The daffodils have already bloomed at church but I didn't take a picture. Our daffodils are just starting to come up and it will be awhile before they bloom. We have had lots of rain the last month so perhaps they will come out faster than I expect.
I have never been big on gardening unless it was something edible as it didn't seem worth all that work unless I could also eat it. Since we moved here and everything is so dry and often brown, I have had a change of thinking in this. We did plant some fruit trees and bushes and those are worth the time and dollars to water. But we do not plan to have a garden here. Here it is worth the effort to plant flowers and especially bulbs or perennials. I NEED the color in my yard. My home owner association is glad when we put some effort in the front yard. The Lambs are hoping the colors attract insects and butterflies to our yard.
It will be very fun to watch all the parts of our yard that we planted and see what comes up and when it comes up.
Is it spring where you live or do you still have snow?

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