Friday, March 14, 2014


As a family we have listened to a lot of audiobooks as we travel in the car and now with our Ipad. The only one that the Lambs loved was The Chronicles of Narnia. It is really difficult to find something that all 3 Lambs like. There is only a 4 year difference so I don't know what parents with children farther apart in age do. If Lamb 1 likes one Lamb 3 hates it and vice versa. I try to get unabridged but occasionally we listen to abridged. We continue to listen to them because Ram and Ewe like them even if no one else does.

We listened to the first half (56 chapters) of Our Island Story. Some but not all of the Lambs liked it. When I said we were going to listen to a new story and not finish Our Island Story Lamb 2 requested that we didn't listen to any more history stories. I chose The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. My "evil" plan was to introduce it to the Lambs that I hoped they didn't get any ideas for mischief by listening to this.

My plan worked! When they heard that Tom stole sugar from the sugar bowl in the first chapter, they were hooked. They have never gotten ready for bed as quickly as recently. They hurry to get ready for bed and beg to listen to Tom Sawyer. One chapter is not enough and then they beg for another chapter. The chapters are long, about half a hour. We have only read a few chapters and the Lambs already have looked up what else Twain wrote so they can listen to that next.

Tom Sawyer was required reading for me when I was in school. I never in a million years would have guessed that listening to a classic like Tom Sawyer was the answer for what our family should listen to. Ram says it is because it is a good boy book. This girly Mama with boys is gradually learning! Hopefully the Lambs won't carry out their ideas for mischief that they hear in Tom Sawyer now.

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