Friday, March 7, 2014

Lamb 1's 10th Birthday

We began celebrating Lamb 1's birthday last week and I've been too busy to post pictures.
Grandpa and Grandma came to celebrate the weekend before his birthday. He got a Lionel train set. 

Of course after it was put together Grandpa needed to have a turn, just to make sure everything was working correctly, of course.

His Sunday School teacher gave him a small cake and a bookmark for his Bible.

Aunt Hannah gave him this ornament with a treat inside. It reminds us of our Grandma Frieda as she did that for us.

I had a coupon for a free small Snapfish book so I made one for Lamb 1's first decade. I tried to avoid baby pictures that would embarrass him but I wasn't successful because I put a picture of him as a shepherd in it.

Homeschoolers get in very cheap to our indoor trampoline park on weekdays during school hours. We had never been there before. We don't take a spring break, but we take birth day breaks. I thought I was a pretty cool mom to not only cancel school for one day, but also take them to the trampoline park. 

Aunt Hannah made cupcake toppers. Lamb 1's birthday was on Ash Wednesday so we took the cupcakes to our soup supper at church. I felt guilty taking cute dessert on Ash Wednesday, but the kids liked it! Lamb 3's birthday is also on a Lenten service night and Aunt Hannah sent those cupcake toppers with Lamb 1's.

We haven't quite had all of Lamb 1's choices for meals because we have been so busy this week. It gets ridiculous to celebrate for over a week, but that's what happens when you are a pastor's kid and your birthday is during a busy time of the church year.

Now we are back to regular routine and school work for about a month until Lamb 3's birthday.

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