Thursday, March 26, 2009

The big boy bed

Lamb 2 was still sleeping in a crib last week. He will be 3 the end of May. I knew it was time to get him a bed, but we just never got around to it. I knew we had to do something soon when last week he said, "Me monkey" and tried to climb out of the crib when I was watching him. I could only imagine what he was trying when I wasn't watching him.
We decided while we still owned the SUV, Ram would go the 20 miles over to SD and pick up a mattress for Lamb 2. His dad was visiting so they were going to go get the mattress on Monday.
Unfortunately the SUV wouldn't start. So they decided to take the minivan. That meant taking 2 car seats out. That meant vacuuming the car so the seats would fold into the floor. Finally they were able to go buy the mattress.
5 years ago we bought Lamb 1 a mattress, box spring, and rails for $99. There was no special so with tax, a plain mattress was $140. There really wasn't a choice as if we bought it some where else we would have had to pay delivery.
It wasn't up in time for his nap, but he was thrilled to sleep on it on Monday night. He just has a mattress. Eventually we'll get bunk beds, but we started with a mattress. Eventually Lamb 3 will leave our room and go to the crib in the room with his brothers. Part of the excitement was getting to pick sheets as all our crib sheets are Pooh. Lamb 2 picked trucks. Here he is pretending to sleep.
On Wednesday night I was here with the boys while Ram was gone. I decided to do laundry in the basement as all 3 Lambs were in bed. Lamb 2 snuck downstairs to ask me to rub his back. I was quite firm about not getting out of bed after we had said good night. I don't want them to get in that habit.
The next step will be potty training and then Lamb 2 will really be a big boy!

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Big Boy! Congrats on the big step. We have that same Thomas blanket! It's so soft.