Monday, March 23, 2009


Ram's parents were here for a visit over the weekend. I will try to post more about their visit later. They stayed at a lodge up the road from us, right outside of our small town. They really like staying there. It has a kitchen, laundry room, living room, and of course bedrooms. Some times when we tried to book them there it was full. This time they had the whole lodge to themselves. Ram's dad travels a lot for work so he likes being out in the country in the quiet instead of a hotel. I think they like being on their own and they don't have to wake up when the Lambs do. They can spread out their stuff and not be crammed in a guest room. And they don't have to use a shower in our basement.
The lodge is an old farmhouse fixed up and taken care of well. There is another building that is fixed up as a game room with a pool table and some other game tables.
On Sunday we went over and checked out the lodge as we had never seen it. The Lambs were really too young to enjoy the game room. We did play dominoes with Lamb 1 and 2 for a little while. Maybe if they come in nicer weather we could do more outside there and even build a bonfire.
On the way over to the lodge it got me to thinking that years ago, people probably went to visit their grandparents on the farm on a Sunday afternoon. Grandparents didn't usually live so far away. One set of our parents live 2 days drive away and one set lives 3 days drive away for us. I'm thankful that all of our parents are willing to drive to see us a few times a year and we also get to go see them once or twice a year too. We enjoyed our visit with Ram's parents even though it was short.

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