Thursday, March 19, 2009

NOT Day by Day-More away than at home

We have been so busy that I haven't posted for a week. I really intended for this blog to have something posted every day or at least every other day. I have many blog posts running through my head but no time to write them!
Ram's parents are coming for a short visit. They should arrive late tonight and stay until Tuesday. It's a long drive for a short visit. We're glad they are coming and can see their grandboys. I'm glad they can see Lamb 3 walk. He's wobbly but confident. I'm not clear if Lamb 2 helped him, but I just caught Lamb 2 and 3 in our guest room that is up 4 steps. Guess it's time to get the baby gate out.
Lamb 3 is working on his 3rd and 4th tooth. He hasn't been sleeping well, not eating well, wants to nurse all the time, and fussy.
A church member that was only 49 died this week leaving his wife and two school age boys. It was unexpected to us, but not completely unexpected to the family. 9 years ago he was given 8-10 years to live. It's still difficult. The funeral will be on Saturday. So Ram added funeral preparation and a funeral to his schedule this week during Lent.
Baby Claire's family got the flu (but not her Mama and Claire) and they wanted to be there for the baptism in the hospital so Claire is not baptized. Plus they are still battling the flu. Claire and her Mama are home now.
Ram has been trying to work ahead to get to all his shut ins before Easter and it's always a busy time during Lent with extra services to plan for and write sermons.
I'm planning to go to IA the last weekend in March for a get together with other Loopers (homeschool Lutheran moms). I'll take Lamb 3 and Ram will watch the other two lambs. So we're also trying to get things done before that and I'm planning what to take etc.
I'm not doing spring cleaning yet (not because I don't want to, but because I haven't had time), but we are trying to clean up the clutter and vacuum and do a little cleaning before the grandparents get here. I'm sure they'll bring birthday presents for the birthdays coming up plus treats for the lambs, so we need to have a place for that. I finally finished putting away the Christmas ornaments and cleaned up the guest room. I cleaned the living room and even moved furniture to vacuum. The lambs love cleaning and loved discovering all their missing toys under the sofa. Somehow I got behind on laundry (more behind than usual) so I've done several loads trying to catch up. My dining room table has been piled up for months and I finally attempted to organize it yesterday. I still have a big pile of mail to go through, but nothing important in that pile like bills.
We went shopping last Saturday (which is a whole day deal when you live 1 1/2 hours away from a big grocery) and also got Lamb 3's photo taken for his one year. Saturday is a bad time to go and it took a long time. It took almost 2 hours to wait for the photo, take the photo, choose the photo, and pay. All the stores were crowded. I hate going on Saturday but that's just how our schedule worked. Ram was supposed to go to a conference in Brainerd, but he didn't go because he was just too exhausted from the previous week. Anyway, Lamb 3's photos turned out really cute and I'm excited to get them back in a few weeks.
On Tuesday we finally had ECFE after canceling because of weather the week before. The theme was mittens and they brought coolers of snow inside for the kids to play. The Lambs were so excited to get back to ECFE. We also had Lamb 1 and 2 get their haircut and then they stay and play with the family and we have a snack. (She has a beauty shop in her home.)
We've had nice weather, but not as nice as some of the blogs I've read recently. We've had a few days with 50s and the snow is starting to melt. The snow is not gone yet and it's muddy. Also windy days are predicted this next week. There's nothing to block the wind so it's really windy here.
That's the update. Hopefully I can post more than once a week. We should have some photos to post while Ram's parents are here.

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Whew! That made me tired just reading it! There's never a dull moment, is there? Especially at Lent. Whenever you post, I enjoy reading it! :-)