Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Work for Days of the Week

Melrose posted about ordering her work by days of the week here. As we get settled into our new house I think this would be a great idea. My grandma gave me this set of embroidered dish towels. Here is what they say:
Monday: wash
Tuesday: iron
Wednesday: sew
Thursday: shop
Friday: cook
Saturday: clean

After looking at Melrose's plan and these dish towels, I came up with a plan that I think would work for our family.
Sunday: church
Monday: shop-Ram's day off/family time
Tuesday: wash
Wednesday: paperwork/pay bills-library day and shopping if it wasn't completed on Monday
Thursday: clean
Friday: cook
Saturday: yardwork/catchup

Since I have 3 bed wetters I am unable to do all my laundry in one day, but Tuesday will be the major laundry day. Since our laundry room is upstairs I can easily throw a load in first thing in the morning and put it to dry before I go to bed if there is no other time. The other thing I have added to my daily duties is sweeping the floor downstairs. I remember Martha Stewart saying this duty should be done every day. It has helped a lot to do this. I am also trying to get the Lambs to tidy up their toys and their areas of the house some time during the day before bedtime. As we get settled into our new house I am trying to also settle into routines that will make our life easier and more organized. It's great to have a fresh start on all of this. Thanks Melrose, for the idea!

Now I need to figure out how to frame and hang these cute dishtowels in my kitchen!

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Melrose said...

you're welcome :) It has been most helpful in our home!!