Friday, March 30, 2012

Praising God for the small details

Someone signed to lease our house that we had rented! It was down to the last business day of the month, we would have had to pay another month rent if they hadn't signed by today. We had leased the house until July, so there was the possibility that we would need to pay thousands of dollars more if it wasn't rented sooner. Several people were interested but this was the first one that qualified financially and actually signed.
Details still need to be worked out and I'm not too hopeful that we will get very much of our deposit back due to some floor damage that was not really our fault. I cleaned the entire house right after we moved out. So this is very good news, we are completely done, we don't need to go back and clean or do more there. At this point I'm not too worried about the deposit-we'll either get it back or we won't-but we're done with everything else.
Ram is currently making phone calls to disconnect utilities there. It will be nice to just pay for utilities for one house. Internet is free as part of the housing association dues in our new house. We disconnected internet at the old house after we moved out. It will be nice to not pay for internet each month.
This was the first time either Ram or I ever rented a place and it was a big learning experience for both of us. I'm glad to be done with that learning experience and in our own home now. It helps that our house payment is $200 less than our rent payment each month too!
It was also nice that someone rented before we needed to do yardwork at the old house. We moved in November so we never mowed the grass there.
This weekend we will work on getting settled in our new home some more in between some church activities, and celebrate Lamb 3's birthday with Ram's parents, and celebrate that the house was rented!

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