Friday, July 13, 2012

Birthday parties

Lamb 3 is the first of my boys to be invited to a birthday party. He actually is quite popular with the other preschool students! It is for a little girl that will be 3 years old. Lamb 3 was one of the first people on her list that she wanted to invite.
I really do not expect my Lambs to be invited to very many birthday parties. There was another boy from church that just had a party and none of the Lambs were invited. I think that partly because we are new here, partly because we homeschool, and partly because there aren't very many other kids their ages at our church.
I'm looking for ideas for a present-I'm willing to spend a little more than I would typically because I don't think my boys will go to birthday parties often. So those of you that have been to or hosted birthday parties and have a good idea, please share. One idea I had was a gift certificate to an ice cream shop for the whole family to share, but that isn't something that she could open and play with right away. Lamb 3 is insisting that it is a good "girl" present and I have no idea on that since I'm an all boy mom.

Note to Handcrafted by Hannah: She has very fine baby hair so I don't want to give her barrettes.


Anonymous said...

Um, no barrettes? How about a head band? Or little kiddie jewelry- a bracelet perhaps?
For people I know I do the hoop/fabric things - but that's difficult, if you don't know how they decorate and all.
Little girls are easy though - hair accessories, girly books, check out the local dollar store/section for play purses, boas, anything "Dress- up" or princessy"
I also have hair bow holders - painted wooden pieces with a long ribbon perhaps for hair bows she already has.
I'm sure she needs a super fun birthday card...
I would recommend doing 3 presents - they can be 2 little ones with another nicer something- because she is turning 3.
Of course MY nephew is the popular one...
When is this event? I could send something tomorrow...

Erin said...

My girls (no longer 3--sniff, sniff) loved art supplies. A box of pom-poms, pipe cleaners, pony beads, colorful shoe laces, washable markers, foam or regular stickers and a pack of construction paper would have made them mighty happy!

Lynn Penton said...

My girlies love, love, LOVE, My Little Pony. Little ponies that you can come their hair. I secretly want to play with them two!