Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weekly Update

1. Ram and I went on a lunch date on Monday. It was the first time the babysitter ever called us that one of the Lambs was not behaving. Thankfully he shaped up after that so we enjoyed the rest of our date. I just had the soup and salad bar and I was stuffed. They had every kind of berry on their salad bar. When I sat down I noticed the raspberries did not look good. At first I thought maybe they put mint on them or something. But Ram agreed it was mold, not mint. The restaurant hurried to replace that bowl of raspberries and brought me a fresh cup. Ram and I both had a few helpings of lobster bisque and scones with honey butter. Is this making you hungry yet?
2. We are busy this week recovering from VBS last week (Lamb 3 has especially needed a nap every day), making vacation plans, going to Michaels for free crafts, and trying to finish the activities for the library summer reading program.
3. Creative Memories has a summer challenge to try to complete 75 scrapbook pages this summer. I have completed 39-in part because I went to scrapbook nights twice. I have finished Lamb 3's first year. Now I need to go back and finish Lamb 2's first year as I just have about 9 months done. I am not doing anything fancy-I figure they are boys and I just want the photos organized for them with some journaling about them. When they grow up if their wives want to take their photos and do something fancier, they are welcome to and it will be organized for them to do that. I don't know if I will finish 75 pages with everything else we are doing this summer, but even just this milestone for Lamb 3 is good. Eventually I may do all digital albums, but I want their baby albums to be traditional.

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Joelle said...

what restaurant is this? Sounds yummy (other than the mold ;P