Monday, July 23, 2012


I spent most of my childhood living in IN. It was not unusual to go to Chicago or MI or Cincinnati if we wanted to go somewhere or to something. Most of our traveling was in IN to Indianapolis. We usually took a family vacation to FL or NY.
When we moved to MN for Ram's first Call, we lived just 8 miles from SD. We usually went at least once a week to SD during the summer and fall to get produce. We often went to SD or ND to do our major shopping for the month. Ram often had conferences in  ND or 3 or 4 hours away in MN. Our family vacation was usually to fly to CA to see Ram's grandparents or drive to IN to see my parents or both. The Lambs became very good travelers (even without a DVD player in the car!).
We moved here the end of October and since them the Lambs and Ewe haven't left the state. In fact we have been 3 hours away to Ram's parents house for a few days just 3 times and other than that we have stayed in the area. Ram hasn't traveled a lot either. He went to Oregon twice for church business and flew to MN for Doxology in February. One pastor conference was in the area and he came home and slept in his own bed. This district is so large that there aren't as many conferences offered for the pastors like there were in MN.
Since we have stayed so close to home, on the 3 hour trips to the grandparents the Lambs have not done so well traveling as they did in MN. I'm wondering how our family vacation will go this year?

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