Thursday, July 19, 2012

State Taxes

When we lived in MN we usually got a refund from the state of about $600. The best I could figure was this was because we had 3 children.
Last year we were part year residents of ID and we did not get a refund from ID, we had to pay $10. I figured this was because we were part time residents.
I have lived in MN, WI, and IN. Since I began working in 1991 I have never had an audit request or even a request for more info. We have a really good tax preparer and I credit this fact to her good work.
Today ID sent us a letter that we have 15 days to provide a lot more info to them or we will owe them more taxes. After moving I didn't know where anything was. After a frantic search I found everything for them and will copy and mail it. If we are sent another letter I will contact my tax lady. It sounds to me that they didn't understand that we were part year residents. I really hope it is not more than that.
We have a lot more freedom in ID than we did in MN, especially for homeschooling. But  I miss the benefits of MN-free car seats (We chose to buy them infant car seats and after that we have never paid for a car seat or booster seat.), free educational programs for young children, and free speech therapy for Lamb 2 once a week. I understand ID has less residents to pay taxes. I just hope the freedom is worth the lack of benefits and the money that we pay in taxes. We do have a great library system so we are taking advantage of that benefit.
I hoping this is all just growing pains from moving to a new state and that our 2012 taxes will go better. At least Ram only has one church instead of 3 so that has to make taxes easier, right?

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Joelle said...

Hopefully all the info you sent is all they will need. We were once audited for a mistake they made (moved a decimal point over 2 spots for our deductions!!). We chose to do it through the mail, not with a live person coming to our house - big mistake! Took over a year to correct because they just ignored the response Matt sent them in the mail.
So - my advice is to see an auditor in person if needed! But hopefully that won't be needed.