Saturday, July 21, 2012

Excitement at our house

Lamb 2 refused to let us take his training wheels off his bike. On Thursday he finally asked Ram to take them off. Ram took them off and he was off. None of this practice in the baseball field like Lamb 1 had us do!

On Friday after lunch the doorbell rang. The neighbor girl said Lamb 1 crashed on his bike. He had blood all over his hands and legs. I was trying to gently wash it off his hands and legs. Then he told me the only place he hurt was his chin-all that blood was from his chin. I called Ram and had him take him to the doctor. He needed 4 stitches. His biggest concern at the doctor's was that they hurry so that he could still get to the library. Ram brought him directly to the library and he only missed about 15 minutes of his "class". The librarians couldn't believe he was that dedicated. Lamb 1 is the most careful of the Lambs and he is the first one to need stitches and the only one that broke his leg (as a toddler). Life isn't fair sometimes. The nurse was glad to hear he was wearing a bike helmet. The doctor checked out everything on his jaw and teeth and we were glad it was just 4 stitches. He is embarrassed and doesn't want people to know he had 4 stitches-doesn't want people to make a big deal about it-but they will ask what happened to his chin when they see it!

As I post this there is no exciting news about Lamb 3. Hopefully he doesn't have any excitement like Lamb 1! He is now asking for a bike, so we'll see what we can do about that.

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