Thursday, January 10, 2013

First ID snow day

We had one snow fall last season when we lived at the rental house, but it was not on a day that we had anything scheduled so I don't even know if the schools canceled. Today was our first "big" snow fall since we moved into our new house. School was canceled which meant no preschool, no speech therapy for Lamb 2, no speech assessment for Lamb 3, and no night meeting for Ram that had already been rescheduled from Monday night because of the weather.
Lamb 2 was glad not to have speech, Lamb 3 was glad not to have preschool and doesn't really understand about missing the speech, and Lamb 1 was glad he had piano on Tuesday when we were able to drive to lessons.
We started getting phone calls about cancellations for our scheduled events before 7am. Don't they know our daily wake up call is 7am? The Lambs were so generous to sleep in all the way until 8:30am and they waited all the way until 10am to go outside and play in the snow. So Ram and I had several interruptions, but we didn't have to get out of bed until 10am.
Reminder to self: Lamb 1 needs new snow pants, coat, gloves, and shovel for next season-he has made do without complaining too much, but everything is too small for him. Lamb 2 needs new gloves for next season. Lamb 3 can make do with hand-me-downs from his brothers. They also need a sled as the toddler sled "disappeared" in the move for some reason. Why do I never think of this until we get our one big snowfall of the year? Probably because the Lambs wear sweatshirts most of winter and only get out their coats when there is enough snow to play in.
Our friends in MN would laugh that we only had a few inches and school was canceled. But it was high 40s yesterday and the snow from earlier in the week all melted and then turned into ice last night under the snow. I think it was a wise decision to cancel school. The Lambs were very popular in our neighborhood this week because they own plastic blocks to make snow forts. I wondered if we should even bother with moving those because we don't live near a beach to use them in sand and we don't get enough snow here to use them often. They turned out to be perfect even with this strange dry snow that ID gets. Honestly we had too much snow in MN to use them often. The neighborhood kids helped build a several layer snow fort earlier this week and then it melted yesterday. The Lambs played outside today but it was too cold for them to be out there a long time. So they had several short play times outside today. Perhaps they will begin a new snow fort tomorrow.
For those that are wondering, it is 28 degrees at 10pm and the RealFeel is 16 degrees on AccuWeather. We have become wimps in one year of living in ID since the Lambs didn't play outside long and it was always above 0 today.
Update: The news said the last time the public schools had a snow day here was December 1, 2010, so this is the first snow day since we moved here.

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