Sunday, January 13, 2013

Popping corn

When I was a sophomore in college, I bought an air popcorn maker for $3 at the thrift shop. The RA gave me a difficult time about if that was really allowed in the dorms. There was a long list of small appliances that were not allowed in the dorm rooms, but thankfully popcorn makers were not in that list. Over the next three years my roommates and I made hundreds of bowls of popcorn. I'm sure buying popcorn in a big bag saved us tons of money vs. buying microwave popcorn.
When Lamb 1 had his dairy problems we stopped having popcorn so often. We couldn't put real butter on it nor could we have microwave popcorn. Then a few years ago I heard about the terrible chemicals in the microwave popcorn. So a few years ago we pulled out that air popper that I had in college and began making popcorn for a treat again.
I'm sad to report that that popcorn maker that I bought used 20 years ago died today. I definitely got my $3 worth. I will be on the hunt for another air popper at the thrift shop. I'm expecting to have to pay $5 now at the thrift shop. I'm wondering if we'll get another 20 years out of a new used one? I'm also going to see if Ram's parents are still using their top of the stove popcorn maker.


Bikermom said...

Search for a lightely used one for sure of the same variety as your old one. The new Stir Crazy was junk from the get go and my previous one lasted about ten years.

Dakotapam said...

I pop mine in a brown paper lunch bag in the microwave. The kids can even do it themselves and eat right from the bag!