Saturday, January 19, 2013

Life Sunday

After one of my miscarriages a nurse that was not my regular nurse rudely asked me, "Did you abort yet?" After dealing with all the doctors/nurses/lab techs and friends/family that did know about some of those miscarriages, that comment was the worst. I don't care if the medical term for miscarriage is spontaneous abortion, there is huge difference between a woman that has a miscarriage and one that wants an abortion.

When I spoke to one of the nurses along this journey of doctoring for miscarriages, she asked me if my most recent pregnancy was a spontaneous pregnancy. I had to ask her to repeat the question. Aren't all pregnancies spontaneous? Oh, I forgot in the world of fertility doctors, most pregnancies are planned- the mother takes a bunch of drugs, and in some cases IVF or other treatments. I'm abnormal in the fertility doctor's office because I have no trouble getting pregnant without any of those treatments. That comment was a reminder to me that I'm abnormal to have spontaneous pregnancies-most plan when to stop taking birth control. Many women that have an abortion have had a spontaneous pregnancy.

My family has always been pro-life. I often did the March for Life in Fort Wayne and a few years in Milwaukee. I sat at the county fair booth to promote life for many years while we lived in MN. I would love to go to D.C. this year and attend the Lutheran for Life events after the march. We had planned to go to the March for Life here today, but a few of our family took turns with diarrhea this week so I thought it would be better to stay home and try to get healthy.

All my pregnancies make me even more pro-life. I look forward to Life Sunday at church tomorrow.

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