Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Family Update

Ram's parents came the day after Christmas and spent a few days with us. We now live in the same state but we don't see them often because Ram's dad isn't retired. We had a relaxing rest of Christmas week with them.
Lamb 3 got sick the day after they left so we didn't make it to church on the Sunday after Christmas. Lamb 1 went to church by himself with Ram. Then we were just too worn out to go to church on New Year's Eve. (Our church did not have services but we would have gone to a neighboring LCMS church.) I believe that is the first time I missed New Year's Eve services since my honeymoon 11 years ago. Even the year that we were in MN and Christmas services were canceled because of snow they had New Year's Eve services. Sometimes in MN I went to two New Year's Eve services. I missed ending/beginning the year that way.
The second week of Christmas vacation our family spent some time helping Ram organize his office at work (he's finally unpacked one year later!) which turned into organizing the church library with books from the former pastor. We spent some of M, W, and F at church and stayed home and did projects/got caught up with chores on T, R, S. The Lambs don't agree with me, but I was ready to get back to homeschooling on Monday after that catch up week.
My sister is moving from HI to KY, flying tomorrow. Please keep Eric and Hannah in your prayers for safe travel and as easy moving as possible overseas. Everyone tells me I missed my chance to go to Hawaii, but I'm thrilled that she is back in the continental USA after living in South Korea and then Hawaii. We may actually meet Eric and see them more often not to mention how much cheaper shipping things to them will be! Of course they may not be in KY long, that's life in the Army.
Lamb 3 still has some fluid in his ear and the doctor wants to wait another month to see if it resolves itself. We have a meeting at the public school tomorrow for his speech. Please pray that his ear heals and that the school allows him to get speech therapy there.
I was honored to have my essay chosen as one of the top five in the He Remembers the Barren contest. It is so nice to see your writing published with a photo! Please check it out along with the other 4 winners. The last winner will be posted tomorrow. My entry is posted here.


Melrose said...

Hi Ewe :) congrats on your essay, I'll head over and read it now! I also wanted to ask you a favor and wondered if you could email me, I can't seem to find your email address in my contacts book. I have a favor to ask of you!

Helpful Teacher said...

Nice essay! I enjoyed it very much. Take care!