Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New blog list

Mom, several of my friends shut down their old blogs and started new ones. Hopefully everyone is updated on my sidebar now. :) Next project is to update my info on the sidebar. I'm planning on staying here at Blogger and hopefully post a little more often.


Melrose said...

Thanks for adding my new blog :) I'm glad you're still here blogging.

Melrose said...

PS my just turned 7 yr old is struggling with advancing in reading too. My oldest sister had a first grade son flunk first grade due to other circumstances so she brought him home. She bought Christian LIght Education's "learning to read" part of their curriculum and did first and second grade in one year! He's now getting all A's in 3rd grade. I just bought the program plus their math and reading and language arts to do with my oldest to try and get over this hump we're stuck on. It's super cheap too! I hope it helps because it's frustrating being at a stand still.