Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Piano lessons

Lamb 1 was disappointed that his piano lesson day was on holidays (Christmas and New Year's) so he missed two weeks of lessons. He kept asking me questions that I could not answer and I referred him to his teacher when he got back to lessons. After lessons yesterday she told me that she majored in composition in college and she doesn't know the answers to some of his questions! He is trying to write his own music. Unfortunately I think he spends more time thinking about his composition than practicing what he is supposed to practice for lessons.
Lamb 2 began piano lessons yesterday and they went well. We are trying to work out a practice routine with two in lessons. It has been difficult for Lamb 1, he would prefer to just play it the correct way for Lamb 2, he doesn't like to hear that Lamb 2 needs to PRACTICE to make perfect when he thinks Lamb 2's music is so easy. It is also difficult for him to do anything else while Lamb 2 is practicing-now he knows what we feel like when he is constantly practicing.
Unfortunately we had a whole ordeal with Lamb 3 during piano lessons yesterday and I will leave it as he needed a change of clothes when we got home. I don't know if I will survive one hour of lessons each week while babysitting Lamb 3. I don't know how moms with several children do piano lessons both financially and the time for lessons. Our piano teacher will not come to our home and it is still a long time until Lamb 1 is driving age. Yesterday I took Lamb 1 and 3 to the library while Lamb 2 had lessons and then I took Lamb 2 and 3 to the library while Lamb 1 had lessons. I'm not doing that every week-too much watching the clock to get back for the next lesson. I do love the progress that Lamb 1 made in lessons since September and I do like our piano teacher. She is giving us a small discount because we have two in lessons. So we are left working out the details to the routine. Hopefully we can adjust.


Karen said...

We found it easier to split up some of the lessons for the children. It took 2 trips, but eliminated the tired toddler/pre-schoolers.

Melrose said...

I have a friend that sits in the car w. her other kids while they listen to a book on cd and eat a snack. They can color too. Any fussing and she just tells them to get over it. :)