Sunday, February 17, 2013


On Friday we found a bike at Goodwill for Lamb 2 for $9.99. This was after looking at lots of thrift stores the last couple of weekends. We thought it needed a new wheel, but it just needed a new tire, so it was $10 more to fix it. Lamb 2 is really hard on his bike so this was good to get a used one for him. We put the training wheels back on his old bike to give to Lamb 3. The training wheels need some adjustment, he rides leaning to the side now. I do think this helped Lamb 2 learn how to ride a bike and he easily took of the training wheels after riding the "crooked" bike. So perhaps we will leave it that way for Lamb 3. Here are photos of them riding their "new" bikes yesterday.
Lamb 2 on his bike from Goodwill

Lamb 3 on Lamb 2's old bike

Notice the Lambs have on short sleeves! It was 57 degrees yesterday. At one point in the afternoon Lamb 2 came inside to rest because he said it was too hot outside! We opened the windows to get some fresh air in the house after winter.

I spent the afternoon getting 25 lbs of tomatoes ready for the freezer, thanks to Bountiful Baskets! (I know Joelle, I owe you a post about Bountiful Baskets!)

Ram made Eggplant Parmesan with fresh basil thanks to Bountiful Baskets too.

It sure seemed strange to let the Lambs play outside all afternoon and be freezing tomatoes in February! Last night snow was predicted, but all we got was frost on the grass. The Lambs were able to play outside after church today, but they needed to wear sweatshirts because it was in the 40s.

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Joelle said...

Hey! Bountiful baskets! Glad you were able to get one (or more??). We'll talk about it on Friday - looking forward to scrapbooking!!!!