Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our weekend

Wednesday night I received an e-mail about one of the Loopers. Adam Menze went to be with his Lord after a plane crash. He leaves his wife Rhonda and their 6 children. I did not sleep well Wednesday night after receiving this news. I was in shock all day on Thursday and only did what was necessary. Please keep them in your prayers, also keep their pastor in your prayers as he does the funeral on Tuesday. On Friday I received another e-mail from Rhonda and was so glad to hear that her family and friends and community is taking so well care of them. I got to know Rhonda shortly before we moved to ID. This is one of the times that I wish we were still in MN.
Friday was Ram's day off so he took care of some appointments and errands for us. Then Friday night I went to scrapbooking at our church as a fundraiser for our youth. It was fun to spend the evening with my friend, Joelle, and the other ladies from church. I didn't accomplish a lot of scrapbooking, but it was a fun evening.
Saturday we got another Bountiful Basket so we had salad for lunch, baba ganoush for snack with carrots to dip in it, and potato leek soup for supper. I worked on taxes some. I trimmed the boys hair. We needed a few days to take care of tasks like this at home. I'm still not used to Fridays being Ram's day off but trying to adjust.
Sunday was church and Sunday School. We had a family that just moved to the area that visited with 3 children to add to our Sunday School. We all were friendly with them and hope they come back again.
We came home for a quick lunch and then took the Lambs to the Philharmonic. I had read in Treasure Valley Family Magazine that this was a one hour concert, but it was a regular concert over 2 hours total including intermission. I had complained about the price of tickets, but when we had a full length concert the price wasn't that bad. We had seats in the center of the auditorium about half way back-we bought the cheapest seats and thought we had great seats-not front row but not back row either. The concert was Beethoven's 1st and 9th symphony. What a treat to hear a work from when he was in his 20's and a work from the end of his life. It did get long for the Lambs, but they were anxious to hear Ode to Joy which both Lamb 1 and 2 have practiced on piano. After the concert some people that sat near us complimented the Lambs on their behavior. Lamb 2 said all weekend that Beethoven's 9th symphony is his favorite symphony! I had ushered for the Philharmonic in high school so I've been to several concerts and I've never experienced anything like this concert. Amazing with orchestra, choir, and soloists. I bet Beethoven in his wildest dreams never imagined his work performed like this with the translation of the words on the screen behind the choir. I kept thinking, wow, the Lambs experienced this at their young ages, I had to wait 3 more decades. Their piano teacher was also at the concert and very impressed that they were there.
Then we went to Fuddruckers, they had free hamburgers, fries, and pop with a donation to Boise Rescue Mission today. We had a nice meal out after the concert and were happy to donate $ to such a good cause.
Now the weekend is over and I'm still not used to Ram not having Monday's off and now Lamb 3 began speech on Mondays too. This week I will try to finish getting taxes together, prepare for Ram's parents to visit for Lamb 1's birthday, prepare for Lamb 1's birthday, our preschool has a fundraiser this weekend, and get ready for our LWML ladies lunch in March. Whew, I think we'll need a vacation after Easter!


Melrose said...

My husband has fridays off in here too. He always had Mondays before so it was a really big adjustment. In some ways I like it because our week starts when everyone else's starts but ends earlier, sort of. :) But in other ways I hate it because it was so nice to have a quiet day when everyone else was hustling off to work and school and then the week seemed to fly since Tuesday was our Monday. sigh. I miss it.

Melrose said...

sorry, should have said "fridays off here too" not "in here" :)