Thursday, February 28, 2013


Field trip to Great Harvest Bread Co. with Lambs. (Yum! Of course I broke gluten free diet.)
Church-help set up tables for fundraiser night.
Eat very quick lunch.
Write to do list for Ram and Lamb 1 and 3 to do while I'm gone.
Take Lamb 2 to speech.
Pay bills while Lamb 2 has speech.
Bake 25 lbs of chicken for fundraiser night.
Do dishes.
Rest for a little bit.
Clean one bathroom (did other two yesterday).
Help inlaws unload car/visit with them/put away some of the things they brought.
Go out to eat with inlaws because gasp, I hadn't made dinner for them. (Not paleo either!)
Put Lambs to bed.
Ram cuts up onions for fundraiser night for me.
Make raspberry ganache pie for fundraiser night.
Trying to get to bed early tonight to be rested for tomorrow.

On tomorrow's schedule:
Shred chicken cooked today and season for tacos.
Find a store selling raspberries in March and buy them for the pie.
Pack up car with food we're bringing.
Visit with inlaws/do stuff around the house tomorrow.
Help set up/be there for fundraiser/help clean up.

On Saturday's schedule:
Sleep in.
Spend the whole day with the inlaws without doing stuff for fundraiser.
Go out to eat for Lamb 1's birthday.

On next week's schedule:
Get ready for the ladies lunch at church.


Joelle said...

I'm pretty sure I saw raspberries at WinCo yesterday. I could be wrong. Oh - it will be crazy at grocery stores today since it is the 1st of the month.
What time is the dinner tonight? We might go. Matt and I are tired from the concert last night, so if we start to wilt in the evening, then we'll stay home.
Hope you get everything done!

Joelle said...

That dessert is seriously delicious! Money well spent!!