Monday, February 25, 2013

Lord, Thee I Love with All My Heart

At church yesterday, we sang LSB 708. I didn't make it through any of the verses while thinking of Adam Menze. Ram said he made it through LSB 708 but he got more teary while reading the translation of Beethoven's Symphony 9 while thinking of him. The last few months I have helped choose hymns for our services. When I "complained" to Ram that we picked that hymn, he said when we picked it we didn't know about Adam at the time.

I will put verse 3 here, but I would recommend reading or singing all 3 verses. You can also listen to it on YouTube here.

Lord, let at last Thine angels come, To Abr'ham's bosom bear me home,
That I may die unfearing: And in its narrow chamber keep
My body safe in peaceful sleep Until Thy reappearing.
And then from death awaken me, That these mine eyes with joy may see,
O Son of God, Thy glorious face, My Savior and my fount of grace.
Lord Jesus Christ, my prayer attend, my prayer attend,
And I will praise Thee without end.

Menze family, you are in our prayers without ceasing. We especially pray for health and strength to get through the next few days. Rev. Weber, you are in our prayers without ceasing too as you minister to the family and conduct the funeral. We also pray for safe travel for all the family and friends going to the funeral.

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