Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our diet

Since January Ram and I have attempted to eat mostly gluten free and are on our way to eating mostly Paleo. I would guess our meals are 75% Paleo now. The last few years we have exercised at least 3 times a week beginning in the spring and going through fall as part of our health insurance rewards program.

When we began in January I didn't notice much difference by eating gluten free, not in how I felt and I didn't lose even half a pound. Because there wasn't much progress I began to cheat. Our meals followed our diet but I cheated sometimes when we were at church events or snacks. Ram felt so much better with our new diet that he rarely cheated.

In June we didn't plan this, but I got more exercise because it was summer and our meals were a little healthier as it is easier to get fresh fruits and veggies. I lost about 17 lbs between January and July. If I can lose 4 more lbs before my birthday, I will weigh less at age 40 than I did at age 30, and less than I did before I became pregnant with Lamb 1. This was the progress I needed to see to make it less likely for me to cheat. I still don't notice a difference in how I feel when I eat wheat or when I don't. My clothes don't look like I lost as much weight as I did, but they aren't as tight as they were and I can wear a few outfits that I hadn't worn for about 10 years. I didn't really change pants size though. I do give myself a break here because I have been pregnant so many times in the last 10 years.

In July Ram needed to buy all new pants for work as none of his fit him any more. He has been so many sizes in the past few years-skinny before his surgery in 2010, gained some weight after his surgery, and lost some weight now with our new diet. Besides his work pants he just made his belt a little tighter. I would guess he lost about 20 lbs. Then a couple of weeks ago he was standing up and his pajama pants started to fall off him. It was funny until I realized that almost all of his pajamas were purchased before we were married and now he needed all new pajamas. So last Friday it was off to Kohls to use my coupons and get him new pajama pants. He bought ones with a drawstring and just 2 pairs in case these don't fit him long. It is exactly like Lamb 1-to be long enough they are too big in the waist. I may need to sew Ram new pajamas like I did for Lamb 1 if Ram loses any more weight.

I decided to buy myself a new pair of jeans while we were there to celebrate my success-even if I didn't need to buy a different size. I'm not rushing out to buy a new wardrobe. I'm not sure if this is my weight I will stay at or if I will lose more. And I rediscovered some of my favorite clothes at the back of my closet that fit me again.

I don't have any pictures to post here like other blogs do with huge pants on a skinny person after they began eating Paleo. Even Ram doesn't look like those photos. But he feels so much better by eating this way that he will continue. Even though we don't look like those photos and some wouldn't notice that I lost any weight, we know it and Ram did need to buy new pants. For all those reasons we'll continue to eat this way the majority of the time. Thankfully since we aren't doing this for medical reasons, we can occasionally splurge on foods that aren't on the diet.

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Melrose said...

have you ever read It's a great blog, funny with a fun attitude about it and she, though awesomely paleo, has all sorts of funny posts about "cheating" and she's occasionally proud of it.